One of my beautiful orchids!

I allow my heart to be lovingly reawakened to the greatest healing and unifying force in the universe -love

 Many of us still ponder the age old question, “What exactly is this “crazy thing” called love?” Love is that feeling beyond emotion,  a bond, and a human experience like no other that resides inside each of us not outside of ourselves. This  unbounding pure energy of love bonds, unites, and heals us. Traditionally, our sense of love has revolved around our partners, children, extended family and close friends. In recent years, there has been talk of self-love meaning accepting who we are with all our imperfections and working to be the best version of ourselves  every day.  When we can accept and love our “imperfectly, perfect” selves, it opens the door to our more authentic selves that shine making us more present and available to others with love, compassion, and empathy.

The challenge is to expand and extend our feelings of love  to every person who graces our path each day. Pure and unbounded at the very core of our being, our love is limitless and can extend out past our immediate families and friends and out to our communities and the world at large.  It is this unlimited, enduring love that unites us, heals us, and colors the way we see our world on a daily basis cultivating more appreciation, harmony, kindness, and caring.

Gently welcome more love for yourself and others each day into your life. We are all in this together living maybe separate lives side by side but all interconnected some way in this cosmic universe. The more we love and feel love, the lower vibrational emotions of frustration, anger, pessimism,  indifference, and negativity will dissipate.

When you open your heart more into the light and the love that dwells in it, you are able to better see-through life’s illusions and better expand your awakened heart to more love, unity, and healing of yourself as well as others. Igniting the life force of love in our bodies allows us to heal physically , mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while connecting us to others on a much deeper level building networks of community that flourish even in the toughest of times. Love’s healing brings homeostasis into our bodies or a return to wholeness. Love  diminishes the fear response in the body that enables us to let go of illness in the body and the attitudes which helped bring about the illness in the first place. Reconnecting to our true loving state reconnects us to our true authentic nature that brings a state of grace and ease into our being.

Love restores the inner harmony in every cell in our body that it so craves for optimal health and wellness. Love is an incredible healing agent stronger than any other emotion in the body.

Whether it’s romantic love, love for family and friends, neighbors, community, and even the stranger on the street, ignite the life force energy of love, you’ll feel happier, healthier, and more alive! Love is infectious, spread it now!


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