Box Breathing  Calms the Mind While Improving Clarity and Focus

What is the first thing people say to someone in a high stress moment or crisis? Take a deep breath…  Box Breathing  may be the most powerful tool that we have to overcome stress and anxiety in our lives. When we are stressed or tense, our breathing tends to be faster and shallower with an […]

Drumming Heals Body, Mind, and Spirit

From conception on, we are exposed to the rhythm of our mother’s heartbeat. Rhythm is universal and innate to our being with powerful healing effects…             Practiced for thousands of years, drumming is a type of sound healing that  fosters physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Recent research reinforces the last fifty years of study, […]

“Love is the Common Bond that Unites and Heals Us All”

I allow my heart to be lovingly reawakened to the greatest healing and unifying force in the universe -love  Many of us still ponder the age old question, “What exactly is this “crazy thing” called love?” Love is that feeling beyond emotion,  a bond, and a human experience like no other that resides inside each […]